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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gentry School District vs Present in Policy Library Media Specialist * Request (Teacher, Student, Parent)* Curriculum Support* Existing Collection Consideration Missing in Policy Library Media Specialist *Support Curriculum*Appropriate Literature*Critical Thinking Development*Literary Merit*Economic ValueGifts: List provided to donors Committee: Principals, teachers, supervisors,students, & parents Committee: Principal, teacher, & students Selection & Reconsideration Analysis Assessment Siloam SpringsSchool District Policy Perspective. Intellectual Freedom Bill of Rights Responsibility Selection CriteriaGifts/Technology Challenges &Reconsideration PersonalReflection Extremely detailed & specific to the schools expectations Generic Policy but covers the wide scopeof expectations Policy Provided to complainant Formal Meeting with Media Specialist (5 Days) Committee Reviews Contested Material Decision Made on Contested Material Complainant has right to appeal (5 Days)Board has 30 days to make final decision Complainant Given Challenge FormStaff InformedLibrary Evaluation Committee Meets (30 Days)Library Evaluation Committee Report GivenComplainant has 30 Days to appeal decisionAdministration Office & Library Committee ReportIf Grievance persist appeal to board may be madeBoard Decision is Final The Gentry School District has a well developed Selection & Reconsideration Policy that is detailed and easy to access and comprehend. It is clearly defined and leaves noroom for questioning the policy. The Siloam School District has a policy that is more generic but still has the foundation laying expectations of how materials are selected as well as how to go aboutchallenging questionable materials.
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