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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Ohio State Government JudicialBranch Executive Branch LegislativeBranch Supreme CourtOf Ohio District Court Of Appeals Court OfCommon Pleas Governor John Kasich Lieutenant GovernorMary Taylor - Interprate city laws.- Set legal disputes.- Punish violators of the law.- People in the Judicial branch. are appointed by the senate. - Enforce laws the Legislative Branch made.- Veto or pass laws from the Legislative Branch. 132 total people in the general assembly of the legislative branch. Freedom And Order The Ohio State Government has freedom and order.It has freedom because it has certain rules that they cannot break when they are trying to find things out. One is a search warrant, they cannot just barge into your house to look for evidence, nor can they just take your phone to look for evidence on it. They need a search warrant. But this doesn't just apply to the courts and police. This is for every day citizens too. If your a student at school and you are playing a game on your phone or texting somebody, and your not allowed to have your phone out, and you principle walks in and sees your on your phone, he can take it. But he cannot ask you to unlock it because he wants to see if you've been doing something inappropriately on it. He doesn't have the right to. And you have the right to deny it because he needs a search warrant. That's why the government has freedom.And the government has order because it has laws that you must follow because they keep the state from becoming disorderly. Some laws such as highway and interstate speed limits. If there was no speed limit there would be people going 100 miles per hour and other people driving 60 miles per hour. Their would be crashes everywhere. And the drinking and smoking ages. They use them because its bad for the growth of your body and brain under the ages to use them. This keeps them healthier. That's why the government has order. Because of the laws they enforce. By: Sean Byrne By: Sean Byrne Can designate members to the cabinet. Six Elected Officials 4 Year Term 33 members of the senate. They create the laws and can also override the govenor. 2 Year Term 99 members in the House of Represenatives Separation of Power is in our government because of all the different branches Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.A Represenative Government example is us the citizens of Ohio voting forour govenment represenators like John Kasich our governor. We electthem to make decisions for us.Also a Checks and Balances example is that the Executive branch can veto a law that the Legislative branch has made.
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