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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Prisoner B-3087 Yanek took his Star of David off and moved to the Pole car;so the Nazi would think he was a Pole but a men saw him change sidestold the Nazis that he has a jew. On the way to the Dachau concentration camp planes droned over them and theydropped bomb around them rattling the train. American soldiers rescued theprisoners and provided them with the essentials and later Yanek decided to go to America to start a new life. The Prisoners had to walk miles on the snow not having propercloth. During this trip Yanke had to walk with more weight because he was carrying one of the prisoners that was sick. "I knew it was a game to the Nasis- kill us, don't kill us,to them it didn't really matter-but even so, I was glad I had made it through. I had been ready to die. But whenwater came out of those showers, not gas, it was like I was born again. I had survived, and I would keep surviving."[pg.130] Yanek was sent to ten different camps and he managed to survive even though he faced a lot of hardships. Hitler invaded Poland and the Nazis took Yanekand his family. The Nazis invaded jews homes and took everything they had. Yanek lost his button and a kapo told him that the penalty for losing a button is 20 lashes but were more than 20 for the reason that he didn't know how to count in German and had to star again. "Just a little farther, I told myself. One more step. Then another."(pg.178}
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