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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chris Cilia Tsunamis, March 6 2015 Tsunami is a long wave that is caused by an earthquake, submarine, landslide or other disturbance. A wave is a body of water curling into an arched from and breaking on the shore. Body is a amount of water that is large. Amount is a quantity of something or total of a thing or things in number, size value or extent.In order to get away from a tsunami you have to get to a higher place. Tsunamis can travel 500 miles per hours The pie chart above is about where tsunamis happens the most and the least. The red part is Indonesia and that is 82%.The green part is Sri Lanka and that is 14%.The yellow part is Thailand and that is 2%.The blue part is India and that is 4%. Facts about tsunamis 1. tsunamis actually mean harbor wave2. Tsunamis can be as huge as 100 feet3. A tsunami can even be less than 30 centimeters high4. The Indian ocean tsunamis have always been 30 feet and above. 1. The tsunami starts off when there is an earthquake, landslide, submarine, and others.2. The tsunami starts getting a little bigger the first hit of a tsunami is not that powerful but after a while it gets more stronger.3. Once the tsunami gets a more stronger people have to climb to a higher.4. tsunamis can be as high as 100 feet or sometimes smaller than that the water can break through building.5. After the tsunami there is gong to be broken houses, apartments, or buildings, there going to be floods because all of that water.
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