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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NORTH KOREA: COUNTRY PROFILE North Korea's Supreme Leader is KIM JONG UN Term: 2010 - present Commands: Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Local Names:김정운, Kim Jung-Woon DID YOU KNOW? 김정운 translates to "righteous cloud". Symbolisms The BLUE stripes symbolizes peace, friendship & sovereignty. The WHITE stripes symbolizes purity. The RED color and star symbolizes Communism. DID YOU KNOW? North Korea houses the world's tallest flagpole at 525 high. LEGISLATURE: HOW'S IT GOIN'? Who are eligible to be elected in the legislature? All citizens 17 years and older regardless of affiliation, religion, etc are eligible to be elected and vote in elections. What is the legislative body of North Korea? Supreme People's Assembly is the legislative body of North Korea. What are the functions of the Supreme People's Assembly? 1. Adopting, amending or supplementing enactments to the constitution. 2. Determining State policy and budgets. 3. Elections of legal officials. 4. Receiving reports and adopting measures on the Cabinet What about the The Central Court is accountable to the Supreme People's Assembly, and the Criminal Code subjects judges to criminal liability for handing down "unjust judgments". JUDICIARY? North Korea's Constitution GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE OF NORTH KOREA The Central Court is North Korea's highest court. SUPREME LEADER National Defense Commission Worker's Party of Korea Supreme People's Assembly State SecurityDepartment double click to change this title text!
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