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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 the act or process by which a speech soundbecomes identical with or similar to a neighboring soundas in (ˈgræm pɑ) for grandpa. The smallest part in sound that has specific meaning and produce different meaning. , Example: /f/ &/v/ fat vat and fine vine مثال : سحر = سحب يختلفون في الصوت الاخير Phonology Phonology the study of sounds in various languages the phoneme the phoneme Example:-" Voiced plosives [b,d,g] - Voiceless plosives[p,t,k]" "Two words don't have the same meaning but unlike in one sound". A syllables must contain a vowel like sound including diphthongs Onset consonant (C) open syllables Rhyme vowel(V) Closed syllables Nucleus Coda Example: /s/ (sprint) (squire) (stew) "Group of words don't have the same meaning but unlike in one sound. " a group of two or more consonant sounds that come before (onset) after(coda) . For example: "spl" and "ts" splits The phone The phone Minimal pairs Minimal pairs Zip - Sip phonem phonem Z different S phonem Hit Hid His T Minimal set Minimal set The Sound Pattern Of Languages The Sound Pattern Of Languages phonem Syllables Syllables Phonotactaics Phonotactaics Consonant cluster Consonant cluster diffrenet S D "a branch of phonology that deals with restriction in a language on the permissible combinations of phonemes" . diffrenet diffrenet Coarticulation effects Coarticulation effects "its general sense refers to a situation in which a conceptually isolated speech sound is influenced by,and becomes more like, a preceding or following speech sound" wan|na /Wanna 'want to' when it is pronounced informally.I wanna be married to you. Nasalization Assimilation The vocalization of vawol or constant in way that air flows from the nose and in the sametime it flows from the mouth [é õN] palmwine[fõN] be far/to pound[i òõN] pregnancy[íkõN] name of a place in Ogori /kamra/ 'camera'cuppa tea 'cup of tea'cats 'n dogs 'cats and dogs' Elision Sound that deleted while speaking from the speach مثال: خنشوف خلنا نشوف أو دعنا نرى We have at least 6 ways to pronouns a /t/ in English [t] as in pot [t] as in stop [t] as in top T R B D "set of sound that have certain phonetic features in common They must all share one or more features and there should be on other sounds in the language that have this feature or combination of features" Natural classes Natural classes from the mouth. /T/ has many different phons in tar, star, eighth. "What we actually produce and hear". phonem Allphone Allphone Rehab Mansour Ghanem433006261Alwaad Abdullah AlBulihi 433005640Bushra dokhi AlBogami433005736Muna Mofareh AlSubiea433007745 h-speaking-countrie
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