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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In This Update In Development MTRD by NGHTMRE Synergy is back! Eclipse is back! Updated Tough Guy with added awesomeness Higher def graphics Increased resolution & crispness Movement/animation in level backgrounds Coins are back The system to use coins for weapon upgrades & ship customization is still in development. Updated effects & weapons Note that in this update, weapons are set to Level 1. The idea behind this is that it increases the challenge of gameplay in easy & medium difficulties until the weapon upgrade system is fully functional. New enemies Faster loading times In-game performance improvements & gameplay Menu improvements Increased controller support Bug fixes Finishing final levels Leviathan, Metalworks, & Break It Up These levels arent in this update because of the increased resolution. Were revamping them to the new standard and making them awesome. Theyll be available again soon, better than ever. Customizable/upgradeable ships & weaponsBoss mode & bossesso many bossesSocial gameplay Leaderboard along with possible contests, tournaments, giveaways, etc.Menu redesignMore available gameplay platformsTop-secret stuff ______________________ _ ______________________ _ ______________________ _ ______________________ _ double click on textto edit or change TEXT
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