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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rabies: Medical term: Rabies Rabies is a life threatening virus that is transmitted to humans by the saliva of animals What? The rabies virus is usually transmitted through an animal bite. Common carriers include: bats, coyotes, raccoons, skunks.In rare cases rabies can be spread if the infected animals saliva enters a persons mucous membranes or an open wound. 16,000 to 39,000 people are treated every year One to two people in the US die each year Clinical manifestations:Once an infected person starts showing signs and symptoms, the disease is almost always fatal. The primary symptoms are very similar to the flu and may last for a few days. This exacerbates to cerebral dysfunction and hallucinatons Diagnosis: There is no way of knowing if the animal has transmitted the virus to a human. This s why treatment is given after every animal bite that may provide a risk for transmitting rabies. It is very useful to catch the animal that bit you if possible, because then lab tests can be done. Brain tissue must be removed and then antibody and DNA tests are performed. Rabies is an inactivated vaccine, meaning it is made from a killed rabies virus. The human diploid cell rabies vaccine (H.D.C.V.) was started in 1967. Human diploid cell rabies vaccines are inactivated vaccines made using the attenuated Pitman-Moore L503 strain of the virus. The first rabies vaccine was made by Louis Pasteur in 1885.
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