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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Henry Lenina Bernard Henry's Description - Henry is a model Alpha citizen.- He follows the path of the society and feels satisfied about himself.- He does not like Bernard due to Bernard's bad reputation as an Alpha. John Henry's Date with Lenina Lenina's Description - Lenina has good relationships with Bernard and Henry.- Although she is living like a perfect citizen, she still has some questions about the society in her mind. 1. Henry and Lenina plays Obstacle Golf at Stoke Poges Club House.3. They eat an excellent meal and drink a coffee with Soma.4. Afterward, they walk across the street to the newly opened Westminster Abbey Cabaret.5. They come back to henry's apartment. Bernard's Description - Bernard is less stronger and smarter than other Alphas are. - He is isolated in the society because he does not follow the path of the society. - He wants to discover his own happiness and future. 1. During his first date with Lenina, he takes her to the lake.2. He later gets a permission for a trip to the savage reservation.3. During the trip to the savage reservation, Bernard and Lenina meet John and Linda. Lenina's date comparison Bernard's Date with Lenina John's Description - John grew up in the savage reservation.- He is rejected and refused by the savage people.- He lives in the imaginary world of Shakespeare. John's date with Lenina 1. Lenina invites John to a feely.2. John feels ashamed about himself.3. He leaves Lenina and goes back to his room.4. Lenina takes Soma while John reads Shakespeare. Reflection of Henry's Date Henry and Lenina's date is a perfect date for BNW's perspective. The date is full of entertainment and joys. The date between Henry and Lenina reflects that they both are fitting as a fully conditioned citizens of BNW. Lenina's reaction to Bernard Bernard tells Lenina that he feels like an individual. He wishes Lenina to understand him but Lenina refuses to spend time at the empty place. Bernard develops an individuality thatcauses the refusal from the perfect citizen, Lenina. John's action and Lenina's reaction John's refusal of physical contact with Lenina makes Lenina feels akward.Since John's world is Shakespeare's books, he thinks that love is somethingvery precious to him. Afterward, Lenina's physical approach horrifies him.
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