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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The twentieth century will be remembered for two world wars. It will be remembered, also, as a century when dictators shaped events. When you think of freedomand where it is,you pretty much only think of North America. Right?Mostly everywhere else in this world have dictators.People who beat them, starve them, and work them.People have the full right to decide things for themselves.They have the right to do anything they want becauseits their life, not anyone else's. But, some people dont realize that. Dictatorship is a very seriousworldwide problem.Dictators are cruel to peopleand don't let themthink for themselves This photo was takenin Venezuela.A man namedLeopoldo Lopezonce tried to stand up for his homecountry. Lopez is now spendingtime in prison for trying to help. This map shows freedom in the world in 2014. In 1900, no country in our world had universal suffrage.12.4 percent of the world's population had even limited suffrage. Today, the Freedom House has deemedfree 44.1 percent of the world's populationand another 18.6 percent innations consider partly free. DICTATORSHIP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The total number of people living under the rule of dictatorsis more than 2,586,950,143 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 44.1Percent 12.4Percent 18.6Percent Not Free Free Partly Free 88 Countries (45%) 48Countries(25%) 59Countries(30%) Leopoldo Eduardo López Mendozais a Venezuelan politicianwho is currently serving as National Coordinatorof Venezuelan political party VolutedPopular. Leopoldo's goalwas to help his country,he fought for freedomhe actuallysaw what was happening in the worldand he tried to stop it.Leopoldo López was thrown in jailfor helping More than 1.6 billion people,23 percentof the worlds population, have no say in howthey are governed and face severe consequences if they try to do any basic right. FREE Not FREE Partly FREE 2014 of the worst 1. Central African Republic2. Somalia3. Equatorial Guinea4. Sudan5. Eritrea6.Syria7. North Korea8. Turkmenistan9. Saudi Arabia10. Uzbekistan WORST #DICTATORSHIP "Freedom Houseis a U.S.-based non-governmental organizationthat conductsresearch and advocacy on democracy, political freedom, and human rights. Freedom House was foundedin October 1941" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2015 ALL OF THESE HASHTAGS ARE CAUSED BY DICTATORSHIP Be Strong Ask yourself, "What would it be like to have a ruler?" And make a change.
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