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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fascism In Italy: 1919-1940 In 1919 people turned against the Prime Minister because the land they were promised was never returned WW1 defeat left Italian civilians bitter and they resented the veterans who eventually made up the fascist party Their debt had grown six times the size of what it was before WW1 In 1921 the Fascist campaign began to move from city to city. Gaining control by taking over the public utilities In 1921 the fascist party won 35 seats in the election which created even more tension Summer of 1922 fascist gangs marauded through the north to seize political control in a number of cities 1922 Oct. 30th, the king handed power to Mussolini because he was afraid of a civilwar outbreaking 1925 the country was fully under the dictatorship of Mussolini In 1929 the accord reached with the church which validated the role of mussolini in Italian society Italy invaded Ethiopia on October 3rd, 1935, and gained control over Ethiopia April 9th, 1936 1938 Mussolini released the Manifesto della Razza which stated that Jews do not belong to the Italian Race Mussolini sided with Adolf Hitler and later joined the war in June 1940 on Germanys side Benito Mussolini,Leader of the Fascist Party, in charge from 1922 to 1943 until he was overthrown. Executed in April 28, 1945. The rising prices and unemployment put pressure on the countries unstable parliamentary institutions.The economy was weak, and Mussolini knew having a weak economy would not help Italy to become one of the major powers in Europe. Mussolini had a two step plan to combat their poor economy, attacking the trade unions and controlling the workers, and implanting goals for Italy to achieve such as a larger population. His ideas for overcoming their economy crisis and general weakness were not achievable. Economy The March On Rome A name given to the events that led to mussolini's seize of power on October 28, 1922. The threat of civil war in Italy was a serious threat and Mussolini and his fascist party decided to stage a takeover, even though they were no match for the Italian army.
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