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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Climate and Biodiversity Weather a set of physical conditions of the lower atmosphere such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed and other factors Climate a weather, averaged over a long time. 3 Major Factors that Affect the Circulation of Air in the Lower Atmosphere 1. Uneven heating of the earth's surface.2. Rotation of the earth on its axis.3. Properties of air, water and land. Terrestrial Ecosystems Marine Aquatic Systems Freshwater Systems Deserts Grasslands Forests Mountains Tropical Deserts-few plants, rocks and sand, hot and dry Temperate Deserts-more precipitation Cold Deserts-low precipitation, animals adaptation Human Impacts-large desert cities-soil and habitat destruction -depletion of ground water-land disturbance Tropical Grasslands-savanna, clumps of trees with thorns, dry and wet Temperate Grassland-cold winters, hot summer,sparce precipitation Cold Grasslands-treeless, cold, snow Human Impacts-conversion to cropland-release of C02-overgrazing by livestock-oil production Tropical Rain Forests-near equator, warm, high humidity, heavyrainfall Temperate Decideuous Forest-cooler, fewer decomposers Evergreen Coniferous Forests-long winter, short summer Humain Impacts-Cleaning for agricultural, livestock gazing timber and urban development.-forest to tree plantation-damage of off road vehicles-pollution of forest streams steep or high elevationland which cover about one-fourth of the earth's land surface. Human Impacts-Agriculture-Timber and MineralExtraction-Hydroelectric Dams-Air Pollution-Soil Damage Marine EcosystemsCoral Reefs Human Impacts-Half of coatal wet landslost-mangrove forests lost-beaches erodingdegradation of habitats in ocean bottom-Coral Reefs Damaged -Ocean warming-Rising ocean acidity-Soil erosion-Algae growth-bleaching-rising seal levels Ecological Services-Nutrient Cycling-Flood control-scientific information-habitats for manyspecies-Waste treatment Human Impacts-dams and canals disrupts terrestrial and aquatic habitats-flood control leeves and dikes-cities and farms add pollutants and excess palnt nutrients-drained inland wetlands
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