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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What is Klinefelter Syndrome?How is it caused? Klinefelter Syndrome How do I find out if I have it? Treatments (for men) Male breasts(teens also) ErectileDysfuntion (ew) (ew.) Smaller Testicles(EEEEEEWWW!) Lower Sex Drive Bone fractures andOsteoporosis at anearlier age Symptons (for men) Someone with Klinefelter Syndrome can be tested for infertility. By: Samuel Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic disorderin which a male has an extraX-chromosome (XXY instead of XY.) It isnormally caused by nondisjunction,which is when a pair of sex chromosomesfail to separate during the egg/spermformation (ew.) When the Klinefelteregg/sperm merges with the regularegg/sperm, the result is an embryo withthree sex chromosomes (XXY) instead oftwo (XY.) [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED] Behavioral Therapy Hormone Replacement [CENSORED] Surgery(formalebreasts)(alsoforteens) [CENSORED] Fertility Treatment [CENSORED] Treatments (for boys) Speech Therapy Special EducationSupport Physical Therapy Symptoms (for boys) Behavioral problems Dyspraxia Learning difficulties Speech disorders PsychologicalProblems More proneto illness People may notdevelop all thesymptoms. Somepeople considerthat to haveKlinefelterSyndrome,a person musthave one or moresymptoms, notjust an extra Xchromosome. With the righttreatments,men mayreproduce,though sometreatmentsput their childat risk forKlinefelterSyndrome aswell. Sources: m 7 x (warning: contains picture of male gentiles)
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