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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 different sports in the world Where their more injuries in baseball in the past or 2014? Their were more injuries in the past because along time ago they didn't have enough padding to protect players. The two official sports that Canada play in the winter and summer are lacrosse and ice hockey. How many Canadian soccer teams are their in the world. Their are about 1500 clubs in 144 districts in Canada. What is the most popular sport in the world? Soccer because over 200 countrys play soccerand there are over 250million soccer players 1 Macleans3 first soccer match ever played England vs Scotland First country to host the Fifa world cup was Uruguay First stanley cup winner is montreal hockey club in 1893. Tennis Polo Softball Soccer Most popular sports in the world what are Canadas official sports? First team to win the super bowl in 1967 In my connection I think sports make people active and its healthy for humans. 62% of organized sports have injuries during practice more then 3.5 million kids at the age of 8 to 14 receive medical treatment for sports injuries each year. 70% of kids at the age of 13 drop out of youth sports because of injuries.
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