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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Start argument CENSORSHIP TACTIC The negative comments of its fan-page on Facebook were utterly erased andthis action was "justified"by the Neslté communitymannager Denied the accusation Stop erasing fan posts APOLOGIES TACTIC ASSUMPTION OF GUILTYAND RESPONSABILITYTACTIC After everything happened, they hired a new community manager aimed toimprove the social media management Audience reactiondisproportionated VICTIM'S SITUATIONTACTIC Nestlé made an announcement, sayingthat they have been wrong and they would stop using the unsustainablepalm oil in order to protect orangutanlive's and to stop rainforest destruction Others tactics used CORRECTIVE TACTIC Main arguments communicated Nestlé representative tried to calm things down without success hinting that the audience reaction was disproportionate, and thatjust made everything go worst. and its tactics Seeing the people worst reaction:they tried to turn back andapologized for mistakes and badways, announcing that theywould stop eliminating fan posts Firstly, Nestlé denied the accusation,alluding that Sinar Mas was not itsprovider when it actually was:Cargil (which provider is also Sinar Mas) DISCLAMER TACTIC TRANSFERRINGRESPONSABILITIES They denied the accusation/ guiltiness to their providers Copyright Starting by the retreat of the video that Greenpeacedid against Nestlé in Youtube alleging that the copyright wasinfringed PROSECUTION TACTIC They faced the courtthrough Greenpeace video Stop using palm oil SILENCE TACTIC They did not give answer to the allnegative content and charges untilthey faced that the situation was untenable
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