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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Avril 2013 208 @Grand_Nanc y 278,000 @LaCub @Strasbour g* @Lillemetropo le Fans : 5 459Fans engages : 349Tx d'engagement : 6,4% Number of tweetssent per minute @Tlsemetropo le Number of languages that Twitter supports The amount of timethe average userspends per month on Twitter The average number of followers per user 2hrs 50 35 Some childcare settings are embracing the power of Twitter to advertisetheir presence to new parents for free. And, with 288 million active monthly users, now is the perfect time to do this! Here's a list things you might not know about this social media tool.. 8/10 The number of people who access Twitterfrom their mobile phone >> Twitter can help strengthen your relationship with parents bygiving them regular updates about what your setting is up to << >> Twitter allows you to follow organisations like Ofsted and the DfE, so you'll always be first to know about updates in legislation and other important industry changes << >> You can join in conversations with other childcare settings,organisations and people working in the Early Years sector to share experiences<< >> Twitter will allow your setting to share interesting articles about childcare with your followers, helping you to showcase your knowledge and professionalism<< >> You can link your setting's Twitter account to your website, so more people can find out about the service you provide << The increase in clicks when you use an image in a tweet The bird which features in the Twitter logo is called Larry 300 billion tweets Number of tweets which have been sent since Twitter's inception Hola! Bonjour! Guten Tag! Aloha! Shalom! 12 things you didn't know about Why don't you join Larry and get tweeting today?
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