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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Abortion The Issue The issue on whether or not abortion should be legal is still not settled. Many people still debate about whether or not it is right and if it should be under federal or state enforcement.Anti-abortion activists have been protesting since the day they saythat the unborn lost their rights. Many states still have a restriction on abortion unless it is for medical emergencies. The ban of abortioncould lead women to seek black market abortions by unlicensed physicians or attempt to do it themselves. n Background In 1973, Roe, a Texas resident and single pregnant woman, wanted to have an abortion.Texas had a law prohibiting abortion unless it is save the women's life (medical reasons). She brought it to the court and they ended up sidingwith Roe in that abortion lies within the right to privacy protected by the 14th Amendment. The laws of 46 states were impacted by the court's ruling. Who is working on it? -IPAS -SAAFGoals- Make abortion legal for women in all statesSuccesses- Abortion is starting tobe made legal in some states.Obstacles- Many religious people anti-abortion activist still protestfor these rights to be taken away, x My Ideas To have abortion legal federally, and then hopefully reach all of the states would be the best idea. Abortion is a right to a woman to decide if she wants to keep herbaby. It is her baby, not the state or the anti-abortion activist's. She should have the right to choose whether or not to keep it. Abortion being legal is important because in situations such as rape, the woman had no say in it. Even to put that baby up foradoption would be traumatizing for the child if they ever lookedinto where they came from and learned that they are a child of rape. It's also important because sometimes people are not economically ready for a child and might not be able to support and care for itas much as the child needs growing up. In the end, it should be themother's choice because it is her body, baby, and right.
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