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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Precambrian Eon Trip Sale Experience 86% ofEarth's History! 4.5 Billion Years Ago 543 Million Years Ago Package Deals: Molton Lava Package:Includes 8 Major Events of your choice, 4 oxygen tanks plus 4 free refills, and 4 hard hats$6000.00 Glaciation Package:Includes 8 Major Eventsof your choice,4 oxygen tanks plus 4 free refills, free sunscreen, 4insulated snow suits and boots$6000.00 Major Events Major Events 4.5 Billion Yrs Ago--Meteor bombardment (for 500 million years) 4.4 Billions Yrs Ago--Iron sinks deep into Earth and forms core4.2 Billion Years Ago--Atmospheric cooling and heavy rains form oceans(takes several hundred millions of years)3.8 Billion Years Ago--Bacteria Diversify3.7 Billion Years Ago--1st photosynthesizing bacteria (oxygen production begins in oceans)3.5 Billion Years Ago--Stromatolites forming3.4 Billion Years Ago--Small continents forming2.7 Billion Years Ago--First Eukaryotes2.6 Billion Years Ago--Primitive ozone layer forming as bacteria colonizes land1.9 Billion Years Ago--Oxygen Levels Reach 3%1.2 Billlion Years Ago--Primitive algae forms1.1 Billion Years Ago--Rodinia Supercontinent forms900 MYA--Multicellular Soft-bodied animals (wormlike creatures called metazoans)800 MYA--Major glaciation period begins700 MYA--Rodinia breaks up600 MYA--Protective ozone layer in place (at the very end of the eon) HOTCOLD HOTTOCOLD GEAR TO TAKE: 1. Oxygen Tank2. Protective UV Ray Body Suit (No ozone layer until end of Eon)3. Sunscreen4. Layering for clothing (Starts off hot and ends cold)5. Helmet to protect head from meteor debris Continents Forming! Bacteria! Glaciers! Vast oceans! Stromatolites! SEE
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