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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Questions your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] Surveyed: 166TJHS - OrangeALHS - RedWilson - YellowKirn- Blue Schools Discipline Concerns Within CBCSD Do you feel thatdistrict Code of Conduct policy & disciplinary response are enforced by yourindividual buildingadministration at your school? "We need more interventionsfor kids that are repeat offenders.What are we doing to help themlearn the coping skills necessaryto live a normal life and behavelike the average citizen? Nothing!We suspend them, give them detentions, put them in ISS....but they are not learning from these consequences and teachers have nosupport or backing from theadministration." Responses and Concerns "I feel that many athletesand students that arelabeled "popular" are treateddifferently than students who are not athletes and are not in the "popular" clique.ALHS is very cliquey and thebest way to improve the disciplinepolicy would be to eliminatefavoritism." "I would change that teachersare allowed to takeaway electronics that are privately owned by you." "This is my first year in Council Bluffs schools and I have not heard much of the rules. Most school rules are commons sense, but I think the rules should be stated at the beginning of the year. Maybe teachers could go over them one day in advisement?" 13% 14% 39% 26% 3% 31% 38% 31% Do you feel that "favoritism" ever factors into how consequences are given in response to discipline matters? Yes- 75%No-13%Uncertain- 11% If rules are broken,do you believe that consequences are fair and deserved? Yes- 44%No-30%Uncertain-26%
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