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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Groups Pressing for Change Joining a Political Party The of Influence CHANGE Instead of standing for an election people can join a political party. Joining a political party gives the individual two ways of influencing change Influencing the types of policies that are developed by the political party. Generally a person acting alone has limited power in creating change. Change is more likely to occur when a number of individuals act together When a group of likeminded people join together to create change they are called pressure groups Pressure groups are a group, often in politics or business, which attempts to protect or advance its own interests Some achievements that have been made possible with the aid of pressure groups-the right for women to vote-National Sorry Day -The withdrawal of Australian Troops from Vietnam Lobby: to try to influence a member of parliament in favour of some special interest Becoming involved in the process used to select candidates to represent the party at the next election TradeUnions Unions are organisations set up by employees to represent the interests of worker. they do this by assisting them to gain better pay, safe working environments and employment security
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