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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 M.C.A.I. IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF CARE: For children During preganacy and childbirth For the Newborn infant Founded in 1995 after the war in Bosnia and Herezgovina. Here, they evacuated 41 ill and injured children for immediate medical attention. Afterwards, once the country was stabilized, M.C.A.I informed and positioned many intensive care units in Sarajevo. They trained the nurses and doctors there so they would know how to treat pregnant women and ill children in the future. Maternal and Childhealth Advocacy International In countries where there is extreme poverty, this charity helps improve life for ill/injured pregnant women and sick children. Sophia Stellas & Cassidy Price The recent Ebola out break in West Africa has resulted in the closure of almost all public hospitals. MCAI has provided a large supply of these vital materials including gowns, aprons, gloves, rain boots, masks etc. Faith & Baby JoyJoining our PMTCT project has meant that Faith, a 21 year HIV positive mother from Cameroon, has been able to prevent the transmission of HIV to her baby daughter, Joy."The nurses advised me not tobreastfeed and said if I wanted my baby girl to be safe I could use artificialmilk and take pride in my washing to save from infection"Due to Faith's care and attention, at baby Joy's 6 week HIV test, the resultswere negative. Faith attributes this to the things she learnt on the PMTCT project and is confident that at her 15 month test,baby Joy will remain HIV free!
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