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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Prisoner B-3087by Madi Rodriguez "Roll call," Moshe said, and he stood. "We must all go and line up to be counted.Remember: You are no one. You haveno name. YOu do not speak, you do norlook at them, you do not volunteer for anything. You work, but not so hard they notice you. Gizela. Zytka. Your parents, Oskar and Mina. They are deadand gone now, Yanek, and we grieve for them if we could. But we have only onepurpose now: survive. Survive at allcosts, Yanek. We cannot let thesemonsters tear us fron the pages of theworld. This is a flat. Yanek and his family lived a flat. When the Nazis came they moved to the "ghetto" and lived in a new flat with 3 other families. After the Nazi's started toinvade the flats in the ghettoto get all valuables, Yanek's mother sewed hidden pocketsin the clothing to put anyextra valuables in for keep safe. The prisoners had to strivethrough the rough timesof being squished, starvedand beaten by officers. Yanek was the last one in his family to be taken to the camps.He has been taken to many different camps and every timehe travels to the new camps andjust hopes it wont be the one he dies in. Even though they were terrible, he had to endure throughthe time just to be alive. power passage These are some ss nazi officers who watchover the prisoners and "discipline' them if they do something "wrong". 6 years spent in camp was finally over! The U.s. bombed the camps, scaring the nazi's awayand freeing Yanek(Prisoner B-3087).
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