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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Color Blindness * Color Blindness - a color deficiency, it is the inability to distinguish the differences between different colors. Deuteranopia Normal Vision Protanopia Tritanopia It is reduced sensitivity to greenlight. Most common form of colorblindness. It is reduced sensitivity to red light. It is reduced sensitivity to red light. It is reduced sensitivity to bluelight. Cause There are different causes of color blindness, for the majority of people affected by this condition, it is genetic and has been inherited from their mother who is usually a carrier but not affected herself. The gene, which is responsible for color blindness, is carried on the X chromosome, which is why more men are affected than women. Even though, color blindness is usually inherited, it can also be a result of other diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and some liver diseases, or the condition is acquired over time due to aging and medication. Monochromia It is the inability to see any color. It is the most rare. Treatments Symptoms The main symptom of colour blindness is a difficulty in distinguishing colours or making mistakes when identifyingcolours. Common things to look for as indicators of the condition are using the wrong colours for an object, like purple leaves on atree, low attention span when colouring worksheets, problemsidentifying red or green pencils, smelling foods before eating, or sensitivity to bright lights. There is currently no treatment for color blindness. Color filters or contact lenses can be used to distinguish between some colors. however for some people these methods only make it worse. 1:12 male1:200 female Comparison of Genders Color Matters. (2012). J. Morton. Retrieved March 2, 2015 Colour Blind Awareness. (2010). K. Albany-Ward. Retrieved March 2, 2015 All About Vision.(1999). G. Bailey. Retrieved March 2, 2015 Color Vision Testing. (2003). T. Waggoner. Retrieved March 2, 2015 Crayola. (1994). Hallmark. Retrieved March 2, 2015 Bausch. (1995). N. Goodman. Retrieved March 3, 2015 Colour-Blindness. (2009). C. Scheuber. Retrieved March 5, 2015 Know Genetics. (2012). L. Rivard. Retrieved March 5, 2015 Pantone. (1995). J. Dornbush. Retrieved March 5, 2015
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