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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Women during World War 11 Nearly 350,000 American womenserved in uniform both at homeand aboard, at work.Some women were volunteeringfor the newly formed womensarmy auviliary corps (WAAC's).Later this was named WomensArmy Corps. (WAC). Some womendecided to be army pilots. Between1940-1945 the female percent of theus work force increased from 27% tonearly 37%. By 1945 1 out of 4married women workedoutside their homes. The Japanese fought againstthe Allied countries. Foughtbetween May 4th to 8th, 1992.500 miles north east ofAustralia. A few months afterthe attack at Pearl Harbor,Japanese planned to invade.After several days of searchingJapanese and Allies found eachothers fleets, Both allies sentaircraft to attack. This caused lots of loses to both Japanese and theallies. This was a turning point inthe war because for the first timethe allies had stopped the Japaneseadvance. Before this occurred theJapanese had a lot of victories.Afterwards, had continual defeats. The Battle OfCoral Sea Hitler was born in Austria on April 20th.He had grew hostile to his father. Hegrew up wanting to be a painter. He left school at 16, traveled to Vienna in 1907 to apply for Viennese Academyof Fine Arts. He was turned down twice. This had made further anger towards Hitler. His mother had died in 1907,he went back home. His mothersdeath had effected him deeply. He had joined the military and was wounded twice. He suffered from a gas attackand this temporarily blinded him and hospitalized him. Hitler hated the Treaty of Versailles and what the effects of it didto Germany
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