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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 your artboard start from scratch[clears the canvas] drug use in my community drug use in my community Teens all over the world abuse drugs whether illegal or prescribed or over-the-counter drugs. Negative consequences result in misusing of drugs. There are four that are focused on and the most common. That includes alcohol,tobacco, marijuana, and prescribed/over-the-counter. alcohol is a depressant that is legal for those 21 and overspecifically in North Carolina. Abuse of this drug is very commonwith teens due to the easy access. Around 63% of high schoolers haveconsumed alcohol. marijuana is a depressant and is illegal in the state of North Carolina. This is very common with teens and is gettinglots of attention because of more stateslegalizing it and people use it often forrecreational purposes. tobacco is a legal substanceand if very common for teens. it is legal once turned 18. this drug is a stimulant. it can be smoked, chewed, or dipped. rates have gone down due toelectronic cigarettes and hookah. 13.5% of high schoolers smokeregulary. perscribed drugs and over-the-counterdrugs are very often abused for teens. This is due to the easy access of them. These are most commonly abused. This includes adderall, pain killers likeoxycontin, ritalin, xanax, cough syrup, and many more. 0 40 80 alcohol consumed alcohol as a teen never consumed 0 30 60 marijuana used marijuana as a teen never used 0 45 90 tobacco done tobacco never done 0 40 80 prescribed/over-the-counter abused prescribed or over the counter drugs never used treatment resources... /call: 1.888.741.1837. substance abuse treatment hotline! call: 919.551.3412. THEY ARE HERE TO HELP!
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