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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Production: How Many Screens Opened in the US? Downward Chain The Hobbit: The Marketability Currently there aren't any ideas releasedfor the downward chain, however, the Digital HD versions of the film with bereleased on March 3rd and the Blu-Ray'swill be out on the 24th March. Warner Bros. Entertainment who alsoworked distributed Interstellar, GravityAmerican Sniper, The Lord of the Ringsand The Hangover Part II. Above the line: Official Posters, trailers andtv adverts were released with the annoncementof The Hobbit a long with the launch of an official website and magazine adverts. 3, 875 screens had opened up within bot the the USand the UK. The Battle of Five Armies was releasedin the United Kingdom on the 1st December and It was relased in America on the 9th of December.The Audience responded to the release of the film by putting out fan made AMV's and mixes and and creating videos on "what will we expect" fromthe film when it comes out. The previous Hobbit films were easily marketable as they were able to make books, apps and video games based off the events that were occuring withthe plot. The fans also responded with positivity towards the trilogy duringthe making of The Hobbit. The Director for the TrilogyIs Peter Jackson... $250 million was the initial budgetwith $954.4 million gross. OTHER TITLES RELEASED AT THE SAME TIME: S.A.D is a form of depression WHO ARE THEDistributors of the film? Previous titles that he has worked on include:The Lord of the Rings, King Kong & Tintin. The Battle of Five Armies The pre-production for the entire trilogy was started on August 2008 however TBOFA's started in April on the 24th, 2014. Principal photography started in May 2013for both the 1st and 2nd films of The Hobbittrilogy as they split the last two. SFX: Weta Digitial & Weta Workshop Since I wrote that paragraph, the Digital HD have been released. AMERICAN SNIPER, THE INTERVIEW AND EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS. RATED: PG-13 Below the line: McDonalds advertised The Hobbit using the use of free toys with HappyMeals. There was also an online "treasure hunt." Through the line: There were video game appsreleased on both Android and iPhone alongwith Facebook. They also released officialTwitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts tohelp with the advertising.
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