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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DIP - Justification of it's values, beating possible arguments HR is a trusted person, employees will be more open to him/herthan to the Client. DI the most efficient tool that allows us to analyse existing situationwithin your team, mitigate risks (if any), align the results with your current business needs and build mutual vision of achieving the best results. PROs Each employee will only spend 1 hour for the DI itself. At the same time, your TL/PM will not have to spend time on the team review. It's time-consuming? Every 6 monthis too seldom. For evaluation - yes!In mid time additional interaction tools can be used (Helath Check, Mood Calendar etc) No! DI can be focusedon retrospective analysisand employee'sdevelopment. I have enough communicationwith the team. Every DI I have toraise salaries?? CONs DIP can revealhidden conflicts and lead totheir escalation. Conflicts, that are not timely solved, will lead to the loss of employees. Only timely and accurate involvement can prevent bigger problems. What would Iget after DI? Attention to the team helpsto build loyalty, and loyalty increases productivity.Loyal employees are moreengaged. Engaged employeesare more productive! DIP Substitutes Mood Calendar Team Health Check DISK Team Value andMission Forming Feedback GivingSession Additional Value Gap (if compared with DIP) Not time-consuming RegularDirect communication channelReveals gaps and weak points Does not cover performance appraisal Becomes routine task for team Covers different aspects of teams' life Not time-consuming Regular Not detailed enough Becomes routine task for team In some cases still needs individual talk after THC
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