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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Nazi Party was led by theirleader Adolf Hitler. Jews have struggled in Germany starting from the Holocaust. After the Holocaust, measures were taken Anti Semitism and Jewish Segregation: 1940's to Present to stop Anti Semitism however it has been no easy feat as it is still very much alive The Reich Flag:The flag that represented NaziGermany. 1933-1940 Present Day: Good Progress If you were a Jew andlived in the Ghetto, you had to identify yourselfby wearing this yellowstar of David. The ghettos weremeant as holdingpens for the Jews These arethe NuremburgLaws made to segregate anyonethat was not Aryan especiallyJews. Rules included Jews couldnot intermarry, Jews couldnot hoist the Reich Flag, could not go to the sameschools, This is Present day Chancellor of Germany:Angela Merkel Much about Germanyhas changed, includingits flag. Berlin Conference honors60 year old promise to repay Isreal for Holocaustatrocities. 89 billion hasalready been paid to Israel. This is the Center Council ofJews which is madeto manage the German Jew community. (Nationally Sanctioned) Around 5,933,900 Jews were killedduring the Holocaust. They were killedby starvation, gas chambers and openaired shootings Present Day: Bad Progress Anti Semitism has beenflaring amid Gaza War. As a resultJewish Resturantsare being demolished in astring of hate crimes. Neo Nazis are stillprevalent especiallyin Dortmund. Constantlydoing hate crimes againstJews. And alsoJews have been protestingin Berlin to end Anti Semitism There were about 503,000 German Jews that lived in Germanyin 1933 Only about 119,000 live in Germanytoday. TJ Dozier HOW: WHY: double click to change this title text! As a result Neo Nazis have beenprotesting Muslim and Jewishrights openly in the streets
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