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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Kindergarten and elementary school teachers must have a bachelor's degree. In addition, public school teachers must have a state-issued certification or license. All states require public kindergarten and elementary school teachers to have at least a bachelor's degree in elementary education. Kindergarten Teacher I job shadowed Mrs.Ryan By: Mollie Byars Her job experience beforebecoming a teacher shewas a farmer she helpedher dad, then she was awaitress, then becamea teacher. She didn't really have anyother jobs in the companythat have helped her getto this point. She has had a lot of on the jobtraining but she said there wereto many to list, but she said she goes to seminars, meetings, and has even taken a few onlineclasses to get more educated. She did go to school for this type of job. Mrs.Ryan said she puts in about 45 hours on the clock but she puts in about 60 hours all together in a week including going home and grading papers to making up lesson plans. She wouldn't tell me her exact pay but she saidshe makes about $28,000 a month. The only additional benefits she gets is paid vacation and retirement she has to pay for her own insurance. She knew she wanted to work with kids when she was in high school. The three most important traitsfor someone to have that wants to became a kindergarten teacher she said would have tobe patience, love, and dedication. The academic skill that she uses most would have to be reading and writing.She reads to the kids at story time. She is constantly writing down stuff likelesson plans, notes, and they now have a new program that shows the level of learning a chile is at and where they should be and she has to figure out the best way to get the child the help they need. Three other skills you may need for this job would be collaboration because you have to be able tocommentate with other teachers during meetings. Another skill would have to be creativity because if you don't keep things interesting you will lose the children's attention and they won't learn anything. You have to have the ability to present and speak in front of others because you would be constantly in front a class and then you have to present your ideas to other teachers. She said that it honestly depends on the state from now on to see if this job would be a good future job because they are cutting a lotof things out of classes and possibly getting rid of assistion teachersso there will be the teacher teaching maybe 28 to 30 students by themselves. The only other thing Mrs.Ryanwas interested in other thenteaching was being a security guard. The most rewarding part of thisjob is when you see a childlearning and seceding in school The most frustrating part of this job is when you have a student with a bad attitude. The only advise she said was that youput in way more time then you get paid for. You can do interships or just volunteer your time tosee how things are done and what you will have to do. THE END
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