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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The lady or the tigerby frank stockton exposition rising action climax fallingaction resolution this made me worriedbecause i didn't knowwhat would happen tothe boy After reading this Ithought the boy would be killed and Iwas worried I was worried aboutwhat the king might do This made me worried because I didn't know how much the king was going to use this areana Tone:Anger The youth was immediately cast into prison" "he was blander and more genial still" the king was mad when things went wrong "The arena of the king was built" The king built a arena for people in prison mood:worried "The youth was immediately cast into prison."This shows anger because he throws his daughters lover in prison The Lady or the Tiger and Lather and Nothing else both have the theme of loss of innocence. In the lady or the tiger the daughter comes out change because she can never be with the person she loves anymore, and in lather and nothing else the barber comes out changed because he didn't kill Captain Torres who kill all of is friends. the exposition is when the king has everyone build him the arena the raising action is when he throws the boy in prison the climax is is when the day arrives when the boy has to enter the arena the falling action is when the boy picks the door on the right the resolution is when the lady comes out of the right door "most savage and relentless beasts"they want a relentless beast to kill the victim "witness a bloody slaughter" everyone could have to witness a bloody murder I was worried that hecould be murdered and rightin front of his love
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