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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Important Possessions Niamh Power Yuki ChenAmerican Lit - B block2/26/15 Niamh is a Irish name means "Bright" is and pronounced as 'Neev'. In Irish mythology, Niamh was goddess, thedaughter of the god of there sea. But it is hardto pronounce and not common. Her name waschanged to Dorothy by the Byrnes, her first foster family. Then, her name was changed to to Vivian by the Nielsens. Languages Family 3 Words to Describe You Place Lived WiseStrongBrave Born in Ireland, County Galway, KinvaraMove to New York City, 1929Lived with the Schatzmans, 1929Lived in the Children's Aid SocietyLived in Orphan Train Lived with the Byrne (Albans, Minnesota), 1930Lived with the Grotes (Hemingford County, Minnesota), 1931Lived with the Nielsens (Hemingford, Minnesota)1931-1945Lived in Maine until now English - Native The Claddagh Cross is one of the most importantpossessions that Vivian have. She got it from hergrandmother. This has special meaning for her. Because it is the only thing she's left with after her family all died in a fire. It represents her identity and family she was lot. Mom-Died from the fire Dad-Died from the fireDominick & James(6years younger) -Died from a fireMaisie-died 5months ago, and adopted by Schatzmans familyByrne family - first foster parents.Grote family- Second foster parentsNielson family- final foster parentsDutchy/ Luke - husband died in warJim - second husbandBecca/ Sarah - daughter and gaved away
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