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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Important Possessions Niamh Power Lucia SendagortaAmerican Lit - B block3/01/15 Languages Family 3 Words to Describe You Places Lived description here lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipsicsing elit Born - Kinvara, IrelandLived 7 years - Kinvara, IrelandLived 2 years - New York City, NYLived less than a year - Albans, MNLived less than a year - Hemingford County, MNLived less than a year - Hemingford Town, MNLived 13 year - Hemingford, MN English - native - Tough- Wise- Easily adapted Her parents who both died, her two brothers: Dominick and James who also died. And her little sister Maisie. Also, her husband Dutchy and her daughter Sarah. Niahm's most significant possession is a Claddagh Cross, the only piece of jewelry given to Vivian in Ireland. It's the only thing she's left with after her home and family burn in a fire and represents the family she's lost. It's also an important representation of her original identity, the version of herself she desperately tries to hold on to as she moves through the various foster homes that come close to destroying that identity. Niamh is an old Irish name that is is actually pronounced "Niev". She got her name changed to Dorothy when she got taken in by Mr. and Mrs. Byrne. Later on, when she moved with the Nielsens, they changed her name againto Vivian. After Dutchy died in war she married her second husband, Jim Daly. Her name cahanged from Niamh Power to Vivian Daly.
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