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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 United States 9% The US vehicle Loans 14% 20% 31% 16% 10% north west mid west north east south east south west coast in 1000s represented The west coastis home to a vastarray of climatesfrom temperate,desert, lush andmoderate. The midwestcan be very coldin the winter withannual snowfallreaching 10' Interest Rate Credit Scores In default Repossesion Credit bureaus Average debt By Jose Rendon 12% 5% 27% 32% 55% 17% vehicle loans percent The interest rate are controlled by the fed , which banks charge each other on over loans the cause that your interest raise is because you dont pay the debt at time or you have bad credit score if you have good credit score you can buy things with lower interest but if you have bad score you probably cant buy none thing with your credit in default means falling to repay a loan your began in default when you dont pay yours debts at time . average credit card debt in us families is around $15,611 is depend of the person in how long they pay the debt but the average is 3 or 4 years credit reporting agencies collect and maintenance the information that forms your credit history ultemately your credit report experian transunion equifax is a system learndes use to decide wheter or not you creditor loan and how interest they can charger .contains info about you work and live and how you pay your bills,or whether you've been sued , arrested .
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