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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 5 Increase Physical Activity 9 7 8 Corpse Disposal Increasing levels of physical activity have been linked to the following benefits: Select Your Transportation Wisely! Furry Friend or Foe 10 TOP TIPS THE TRAVELLERS GUIDE TO SURVIVING THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Courtney Lesa Minto 1 4 2 3 Prepare and Organise When in combat; position your team strategically! Exercise "An eye for an eye" Never Turn Your Back! It's better to be safe, than sorry.Try to keep your back against A solid surface, or that of a teammates during an attack. Divide and Conquer In combat; fight in two lines! Once the front line has run out of Ammo, the second line may step forward. Beware Of Who You Trust! We're only human... so be careful. Some teammates may not adapt to the new world order; and begin to falter. Watch for suspicious behaviour- as youcan't risk having a rogue teammate. 6 Equip To Your Ability Choose your weaponry to your ability; increasing yourreliability within the team. Though, be sure your team acquires an array of various weaponry, to caterfor all kinds of attacks. Hide-Out Tacticality Avoid windows! Zombiescan break windows withease. Additionally, selecta hide out utilising multilayers with stair cases- zombiescan't navigate stair ways with ease. If in need of a motorised vehicle; select one with high milage per gallon eg. a dirt bike. If in a smallTeam, opt clean! Bicycles require no fuel! ReplenishedBy your very own power. Always dispose of zombie corpses with care! TNT may seem like quite a reliable option, though becareful... you may become cremated too. The safest disposal option is via a controlled burn. (with emphasis upon the word "controlled". Even though your furry companion may prove to be an advantage in combat... once infected, they may render more hazard than help. Their craving for flesh may devour all once dominant love. 10 Dress for the Occasion! The best of armour shall birth the fittest of survivors. Be sure to cover your face to avoid any blood or brain splash backs, and ALWAYS cover as much of yourbody as possible at all times to limit the risk of wound infections or unprotection in surprise attacks. Thick materials are best to use for bodily protection,along with some malleable metals.
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