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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas JANUARY GL20 GL10 GL30 Uses the ZINK crystal technology created by Polaroid. Unlike conventional polaroid camera, this product has both digital camera and ordinary polaroid functions. "Camera of the future are cell phones" - Lady GagaInspired by the flashing lights of camera phones at concerts, Lady Gaga designed a portable photo printer. Can connect to mobiles through bluetooth. Inspired by the LCD iPod glasses Lady Gaga wore as a costume accessory in The Fame Tour. Features LCD screens to display images, picture and video capturing functions. Compatible with the GL10. FAILED PARTNERSHIP Introducing Lady Gaga, the Creative Director of Polaroid! Atomic PR successfully generated hype: CNBC interview, Twitter Page, Youtube Polaroid,com weekly traffic increased by 61% on the week of partnership announcement compared to the end of 2009. More than 20,000 tweets about Polaroid during CES. THE PORTABLE PRINTER THE POLAROID CAMERA THE SUNGLASSES | Creative | Fashion | | Artistic | Essentric |Popstar at her peak of success with a large fan base after her debut album was released.A big fan of Polaroid! Brink of bankruptcy.Strategic plan: to target the youngdemographic.She doesnt just think outside the box, she destroys the box - President Sager The GL10 Printer - the only product released. Lexington Bloomingdale's interactive display featured Lady Gaga mannequin. It created good quality photos but was criticized for its inability to connect with iPhones. NEVER RELEASED (UNREALISTIC) NEVER RELEASED (SCHEDULED RELEASE FOR 2011) 2011 2010 Exhibit feature a polaroid photo of Lady Gaga taken by a 20x24 inch camera. Lady Gaga made a brief appearance prior to the art show and was not present at the time of the event. Fans of Lady Gaga were disappointed. JULY 2010 V magazine released a special issue... by Matthew Williams A GAGA JOURNAL A visual diary of Lady Gaga's life composed of POLAROID photos. POLAROID POLAROID x LADY GAGA 1) Polaroid lost touch with reality ?!? 2) Did not understand the needs/wants of the target market 3) Relied on Lady Gaga's fame rather than R&D oninnovative products "Polaroid splits with creative director Lady Gaga" - PR Week 2014 gets , publicity, "a real job" experience, free Polaroid resources LADY GAGA MAY Polaroid donated9,000 piece collection of artifacts. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum LADY GAGA'S "GREY LABEL BY HAUS OF GAGA"
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