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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Costumes People Behavior Clothing Opening Modern Globe Structure The Globe Theater was important during the time of Elizabethan Theater. It's legacy will never be forgotten. Money The Globe FUN FACT! A theory of the origin "break a leg" is that the people who sat in the floorwould scream a lot if the show was very good. Since the floor was were the poor people sat atthat time their teeth were not as good so spit would go everywhere on the stage.The spit would cause the actors to fall. A Penny would getyou the cheapest seats. If you wanted better seats you would pay more pennies. Everyone was invitedand it was really cheap.Even the lower class could come as well as royalty. People would dress upnice to be admire, but it didn't mean they behaved well.The people would scream and booo actors on stage. Sometimes fights broke out Some people wouldwear proper clothes tothe event. It also depended if they were lower or higherclass what they would wear In Shakespeare's time thecostumes they wore would reflect the character's socialstatus at that time. Less important roles would wear their own cloth Royalty Queen Elizabeth playeda big factor by having mostof the theaters owned by royalty. The Globe theater openedin Autumm 1599 in Saouthwark, in an area known as Bankside. The Globe is a Playhouse. There is astage in the centerand seats all around the stage. They reconstructed theglobe again trying to make it look like the original. Plays are still shown in The Globe today.
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