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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Non-Formal Drama Training For In-Service Language Teachers The present research project was conducted at the Open University in the United Kingdom.. I Ana Beaven & Inma Alvarez How drama-based pedagogy can support teachers professional and personal development. Participants: 13 volunteer experienced language teachers. The specific educational development activities designed for this project included: 1) A series of visits to three European countries (Spain, France, Italy) where UK teachers were invited to engage in local drama workshops led by professional actors for amateur groups; 2) Reflective practice, including teaching observations, an activity they were already familiar with as it is practiced as a performance management tool in their own HE institution; and 3) Collaborative writing of drama-based activities, along with open sharing and critical peer review of these. -The short-term impact of this non-formal INSET intervention is evidenced by the teachers feedback, concerning, for example, their awareness of the emotional dimension of drama for language teaching and their actions in their active engagement with open practices.- Link between thoughts, verbal utterances, movement and emotions.-Awareness of the sociolinguistic registers that reveal a set of complementary representations of feelings that are conventionalized among a community of speakers.- Movement impact on self-expression and consequently on language learning.- Development of empathic feelings.
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