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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WAKNUK Homeless Prejudice In WaknukIn the book Chrysalids, the people of Waknuk are prejudice against anyone who does not liveup to their beliefs of the true image. They discriminate against anyone who looks or acts differently than they do. For example, there are signs all over Davids house saying warnings such as WATCH FOR THOU MUTANT, (pg. 23) and the people show extreme distaste toward the Blasphemy and Offences. Intolerance In WaknukThe people in Waknuk are intolerance toward anyone that are different from them, they desire the lives of the old people even though God sent tribulation to them. The people prevent any existing deviations, especially the group because they are afraid that David and the group might out stand them using their telepathy powers. An example ofintolerance in Waknuk would be that David got harsh punishment only because he had an innocent remark about wanting an extra hand to help him. Discrimination In WaknukWaknuk discriminate anyone or thing that are not considered the true image. The deviations are either sent to the Fringes or killed. Plants and animals that look different from their parents are seen as offences and are destroyed as well. However, the people would sterilize the innocent girl Sophie who just happen to have six toes, but they would keep the great horses that are beneficial to them which can work better than regular horses and bring them more profits. Prejudice Toward HomelessWhy people are prejudice against homeless people can be based on any reasons, you might be scared by their shaggy appearance, perhaps you thought they would most likely to spend the money on drugs or alcohol, or you tried to offer food, and they refused you. Theres a negative stereotype attached to the homelessperson that it must be their fault for the situation, and therefore it can be difficult to solve the problem when people arent educated on its realities. Intolerance Toward HomelessA lot people feel uneasy when facing the homeless.The crowds have attitudes that theyre lazy, that they deserve what they get, they havent worked hard. Most people wont believe that the homeless actually need the money for emergency, they stick to the fact that the homeless will use it on drugs or alcohol. People think if the homeless need anything, they can go to the shelters, but there are often shortage ofavailable beds at the shelters. As well as the factthat some shelters condition is even worse than the street. Discrimination Toward HomelessHave you ever walk by a homeless person withouteven looking at them? Hundreds of homeless people go unseen everyday, the by-passers ignore their existence everywhere, sidewalks, in parks, in subwaystations, etc. Even when the homeless come up andask for change, people refuses them. The homeless are often blocked when they are trying to buy somethingfrom a shop, the shop owner would kick the homeless out like hes some kind of disease, even when the person is just trying to get a cup of coffee. Background of ChrysalidsIn the book Chrysalids, the author John Wyndham showed themes of intolerance, prejudice and discrimination in many different ways. The book mainly talked about the living society in Waknuk. The people are extremely religious and they discriminate anyone that are different from them, such as David and his group, who lives in Waknuk, but has telegraph power and are being hunted bythe people. Fortunately, they met another population who all has telegraph powers and are willing to accept David and his group. Background of Homeless PeopleHomeless people are people who doesnt have home and often live on the street. As most people think, they are homeless not just because they are doing drugs or alcohol, homeless people ask for change might simple because they are in debts, maybe they came from a foreign country and get lost, or they dont have enough money for their sick relatives and many other reasons. Homeless people arrange from little children to elders and are often cold and hungry. However, there are millions of people walking pass them every single they without even taking a look. Intolerance: unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behaviour that are different from one's own.Intolerance Examples:Some photographers decline to photographsame-sex wedding.  Prejudice: ones negative opinion to others thats not based on fact, logic or actualexperience. Prejudice Examples: Until the early years of the twentieth century, women were not allowed to vote.The holocaust happened partially because of prejudice towards the Jews.Bullying can be caused by a prejudice against people who are different. Discrimination: the unfair or prejudicial treatment to different kinds of people or things, especially about race, age, or sex.Discrimination Examples:Paying men and women differently when they are doing work of the same value. Rejecting applications from disabled people on the assumption that they cannot do the job like everyone else. Definitions
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