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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 0 5000000 10000000 15000000 20000000 25000000 30000000 35000000 40000000 45000000 50000000 55000000 60000000 65000000 70000000 mountains grasslands total Pink is for the female population.Blue is for the male population. Tihilimuhili-society The Tihilians are pretty much one huge family that supports each other when needed, and they decides on things together. They take care of one another out of their own kindness, and always expect that anyone else would act the same to them. red: 3 kids yellow: 2 kids blue: 1 kid green: other(adopted)grey: 4 kids Number of kids % All of the meals during the day are eaten either with family or coworkers. They are very social people who believe that meals are made to be eaten with loved ones. Eating Together Day care Many mothers that can afford it like to stop working to spend time with their children. Mothers that do this usually will watch the younger ones of friends who's kids are too young to attend shool and who aren't as fortunate. The care takers are not usually paidand do it out of kindness. Light blue- Richblue- middleturquoise- lowergrey- poorblack-other Money Statistics When things are taken from nature or from a different person they must repay, replant, or returnwhat they took. They are all for equality, though the people who work harder do earn much higherwages then others. Villages though spread out are close together at thesame time. People usually walk to bring news to a neighbor etc... Phones are not too popular and face to face communication is themost popular way to talk. Using electronics to communicate is considered lazy and rude unless there is a distance problem etc... Visiting friends and family is an everyday habit that people enjoy doing! Tihilians are quite chatty, and new things happen often so they like to share the news. Usually dinner guests stay the night because since many people live a distance away from each other, and it is dangerous to drive at night because many animals hunt during that time and can easily create an accident. Tourists come to see the amazing wildlife that the grasslands have. Guided tours around the country are given, where the travelers can spend the night with a host family in the specific village they are viewing. The locals adore to show off their land, houses, and animals to the tourists, and find it a blessing to be their hostess. Language % red- only more recent version of Tihilianyellow- both old and newgreen- only old version of Tihiliangrey- moreblue-none
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