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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MONTREAL BOSTON'S GARDEN FOR A CELTICS GAME.This storied NBA basketball franchise is, whose home arena features iconic wooden panels is home to many championships and a raucous diehard fan base. MUST EXPERIENCE: A CELTICS GAME AT BOSTON'S GARDEN: Boston TD Garden's with it's iconic wood panel floors, is home to the raucous fan base of this storied NBA franchise. Created By: Rebekah Bohyer Manager Branch Rickey was the first person to sign an African American to their team. Several people didn't know what to think of him when he signed African Americans on his team. It was difficult setting up games because other teams didn't want to play against an integrated team. The city of Atlanta had to make sure everyone was safe at the first gamewith African American players. It was hard because there were gangs and hate groups that could have hurt players or fans during the game. The First Integrated of Baseball Game There were challenges faced by many people in the first integrated of baseball game. Player Jackie Robinson had a hard time playing the game because people didn't want African Americans to play professional baseball. He was the first African American to play the game and break the color barrier. The first integrated game played had separate stands for African Americans to watch. Many fans also stood because the stadium was full. Even though it was difficult, everyone worked together to make the game safe and fun for all. Player Pee Wee Reese played the first integrated game with Jackie. When Jackie recieved a letter that stated that he'd be shot at if he took the field. Reese said that they allshould wear the number 42 on their uniforms so the shooter wouldn't know who to shoot at. He said that because that was Jackie Robinson's number.Even though he was joking he showed that he cared about Jackie.
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