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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fresh Place shoulders back with eyes forward Tuck your pelvis under your torso Tighten mid-section/core Doing exercise is great, right? But does there ever get to a point in which you start heating up to much and start sweating like crazy? Well now there is a perfect solution for you. People world wide do exercise and like to be in shape. But while doingexercise there can be a lot of challenges. For example, you may start to sweat or start to heat up to a temperature higher that it should be. With our new product, Fresh, it can help balance out you temperature so you don't get over heated and you don't get too cool. Our product was created so that people can enjoy doing exerciseand not have to go through all the sweating and getting too hot.Sometimes while exercising people get over heated and don'tdrink water, which then causes them to get dehydrated. Well now even if they don't drink water the headbad will cool themdown so that they are not in need as much water. Fresh goes through a series ofsteps that lead to the cooling or heating of the body. The first step would be that the body starts to heat up and reaches over the requiredtemperature. Next the headband senses the thermal heat of the body. Then the headband adjust to the correct temperature the body is suppose to be. Finally the temperature of the human body decreases and does not meet the required temperature. This is the process to how our product will work. This product will help athletic people, people who do exercise, people who sweat a lot, and people who get cold really easily.
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