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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Credit Cards Credit Cards APR ~It's an annual percentage rate of interest a credit card holder will be charged on all or a portion of the balance if the full amount isn't paid on or before the due date Credit Cards Credit Cards 14.9% * Average APR rate APR rates vary depending on your credit score ~The higher the APR rate the more money you will end up owing the creditor Credit Scores ~Affects the APR rate on your credit card ~Can raise the cost of your insurance ~You may not get the premium rates for mortgages and car loans Introductory Rates 689 * AverageCredit Score ~Low rates offered by creditors as incentives to get the card. ~After a set time period your rate will increase back to a normal or usuallya higher than normal rate. Over-the-Limit Fees ~Charged when your balance goes over your credit limit ~Some credit card companies will allow you to still make transactions over your limit but willadd hefty fees to your bill Incentives ~Promotional rewards used to draw in customers and encourage increased borrowing ~Rewards points, discounts, travel amenities, emergency services, and protection are a few incentives commonly offered by credit card companies Credit Bureaus ~Company that collects information relating to the credit ratings of individuals and makes it available to credit card companies ~The three main credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion px Garrett Presnall
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