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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ethopia Great Depression vs Effects of Hunger: % of Population Impacted: Government Aid: Effects of Hunger: % of Population Impacted: Government Aid: *Server Drought("Dust").*Systematic Destruction("Dust").*Over Gazing Destroyed GrassLand("Dust"). *Homlessness("The Human").*Starvation("The Human").*Unemployment("The Human"). *families suffers a dramatic loss of income("The Great"). *Federally funded programs aimed at restoring the American economy(The Great Depression). Cause of Hunger: *Government Abuse(Centanni).*Economic Policies(Ccentanni).*Drought and Environment(Centanni). *Emergency Feeding Tent(Thurow).*Between harvests when food cupboard are bare(Thurow).*Drought hit in 2003(Thurow). *The cost of Hunger in Africa analyzes the impact of hunger across 12 countries in Africa("UN"). Chronic Hunger: * Is Nonstop Hunger("world").*High Infant - mortality rated(world").*vulnerability to common Illnesses("world").*Increased Risk of Infection("world").*Acute Vulnerability in times of disaster("world").*impediments to Development("world").*Impediments to Economic Growth("world"). Cause of Hunger: *Feed the future has helped 35,000 maizefamers increase yields by 50% and brought rust - resistance weat varieties to 1.2 millionfarmers("U.S."). Solutions for Ending World - Wide Hunger: Transferring the microfinanceprogram technology we havedeveloped to local people around the world, and they areusing it to help end world hungerthrough their own familiesand communicaties("World").
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