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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Caroline RobinsonINFOGRAPHICMs. BowenENG1- Period 5 How does China's social mediacensoring affect it's citizens? CENSORSHIP IN CHINA Communism Censoring Fear Strict "sensitive information" Chinese Authorities Uncertainty Confusion Angry Protests TIMELINE May 2001: May: US andChina becomeinvolved in an internetwar as the diplomaticrow about the crashedUS spy plane rumbles on. November 2003: The"Great Firewallof China,"a system able to blocksensitive content,became operational. January 2006: ""is set up and censoredwith official rules ofwhat people can andcan't see in China. April 2007: Chineseversion ofMySpacelaunches. Allinformation aboutreligion and politicsis blocked. April 2008: Before theOlympic Games,China unblockedsites such as,Wikipedia,Blogger and YouTube. March 2009: Chinese authoritiesblock access to Youtubedue to a video posted ofsoldiers beating Tibetansand monks. 2009: On the 20thanniversary ofthe TiananmenSquare protests,Twitter and YouTubeare blocked sopeople couldn'tdiscuss or seeimages/videosof events from 1989. June 2010: Chinadefended it'sright to censor theinternet in a documentrepresenting thegovernment's attitudetowards the internet. March 2011: Googleclaims Chinesegovernment censoredtheir Gmail service.The Chinese governmentblamed it on "technical problems",not government intervention. December 2011: Chinaissues new rulesrequiring usersof microblogs togive personal details. January 2013: Activistsin China protestedwith posters advertisingpress freedomafter a newspaperwasn't allowed to be read. September 2014: Instagram and manyother social mediasites were blocked.
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