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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Studies are substandard, adverse findings are hidden, and they typically "fail to investigate the impacts of GM food on gut function, liver function, kidney function, the immune system, endocrine system,blood composition, allergic response, effects on the unborn, the potential to cause cancer, or impacts on gut bacteria. GM Foods GM foods have existed for years and have and have been tested numerous times to be safe. GM Processed Food 80% Resources -732 Non GM Processed Food 20% Percentage of Processed Foods that are Modified Survey Done on PeoplesThought of Genetically Altered Food. 49% precent belivedbiotech foods would help them. 36% did not know biotechfood existed. 15% believed it would do harm to them What is a GM Food ? A GM food is a food that has been genetically modified by people to taste, grow. or be immune to a certain type of plants or pest like termites. Palmer Amaranth was a GM herbicide that in 2011 destroyed many crops of farmers. This is one of the many Super Plants that could come into being from GM crops Six companies control almost 70% of the world's pesticide and almost the entire GM seed market. When a transgene functions in a new cell, it may produce different proteins than the ones intended. They may be harmful, but there's no way to know without scientific testing. Patenting of life forms is unethical and offensive on its face. Furthermore, it encourages bio-piracy, that is, the virtual theft of natural resources from developing countries. Consumers get no benefits and are all but forced to eat foods with uncertain long-term health effects. In the future, because of wariness by consumers, farmers may not find a market for their GM crops. Farmers pay a premium, a technology fee, when purchasing GM seeds. Crop yields are not that greatly improved. It is not one of the traditional methods of raising vegetables because it crosses the biological barriers. Some of the benefits claimed by people and companies are better food quality and taste. GM crops can ensure a food source for the entire world a can potentially end world hunger. Can cause creation of things like super weed or super pests but this is prevented by growing the same crop that is not genetically modified next to it Creation of Super Plants and Super Pests Statistics 0% percent of people have died or became sick through the use of GM foods. Benefits Negatvies Insect resistant GM crops allow farmers to dramatically reduce their use of spray insecticides. Agricultural Impact Agriculture damages the environment more than any other human activity. Genetically engineered crops will ease that negative impact. Studies On GM Foods Companies that sell genetically modified foods/crops must test them before selling the item. If it is made with the use of an organism with a known allergen, the allergen must be tested for safety. Scientists are not introducing a "foreign" substance. Thenew gene merely prompts the modified organism to express a desired trait. No inherent differences between foods produced fromgenetically modified plantsto scale proportionally. Thesis Statment I support the use of GM Food's because they are a good source of food that are resistant to pests and other things that would be able to kill the plant. They also take less time to grow and canhelp increase the amount of income for farms. While they have their downsides, their are many more benefits from them making it better to allow these foods to exist. Genetically modified foods are fairly new to markets unlike organic foods that have existed for years What is a common agreement between both parties? Both parties agree that the technology for this is still not 100% developed to makesure products that are genetically modified are completely safe for consumer consumption.
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