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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SOCIAL NETWORKING SAFETY TIPS Once it's there it's always there. Think hard before posting tosocial media websites. Photos can be screenshottedor even shared to different sites after being posted online. Be selective when it comes to followers. Think twice before accepting everyone online. People have the capability of creating fake profiles in order to get information from you. They may even be able to see where you live from geo-tagged photos. Your online reputation matters. Keeping a good reputation online is very important for things such as getting a job in the future. You don't want your future employer to do a GoogleSearch on you and be displeased. Know when a message from someone is legitimate of not. Users of Facebook and Snapchat have received messages in the past from friends that have been hacked telling them to click a link or an advertisement is shown. Knowing weather or not a message is real is an important aspect to social networking. Reporting things you see online. Help social networks do the crime fighting. If you see a post online that you don't like, reporting or flagging it can reallyhelp both you and the network. Passwords are your key to safety success. Creating a strong password is a major aspect to social media safety. Having a strong password makes you lesssusceptive to hackers trying to access your account, ultimately making you more safe online. Location based services. Geo-tagging photos or posts can be dangerous to your online activity. Followers can see where you are on vacation, where you like you to eat, and overall see your whereabouts. People have even been robbed due to posting that they are on vacation. If you're being cyberbullied learn how to handle differentsituations. Features like blocking and reporting can really help. The best thingsto do when encountering cyberbullying is to ignore the bully and block them.Talking to a trusted adult can reallyhelp prevent further problems. Learn how to handle situations online. cial-networks px ty ml
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