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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Peasant Agriculture Who? When? What? Where? Peasant farmers are people of lower economic class who own small farms, producing food as a way to make a living and to feed their families. Peasant agriculture dates back to the arrival of the European Conquistadores and colonization The Conquistadores forced or scared Latin American natives away from their farmland.The natives fled to land less suitable for their agricultural practices.European colonization brought along the class system which caused unequal distributions of farm land.More land was taken and controlled by the upper class. The latifundistas developed their land into haciendas, estancias, or plantations.The middle and lower classes had minimal land to take and farm on. These classes consisted mostly of the natives.The natives had the choice to either become serfs for the latifundistas or be minifundios (the poor or landless). Group 10 Peasant agriculture is a distinct farming style practiced on a very small scale, usually by an individual farmer or family. Crop yields are typically low and there is little use of agricultural technology. These small farms are located in rural areas near urban centers. This allows for the farmers to travel to urban areas regularly to sell what they do not use. These farms reside in very permanent locations and are often passed down generationally within the family. Indigenous cold-weather tubers and native grainsalong the Andes Maize,Beans, Squash
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