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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who and HOW? The first type of antibiotic that was made was penicillin which was discovered by Alexander fleming WHAT? Antibiotics are medicationyou take when bacteria had spreadand is making you sick. Antibiotics go and start to eliminate the bacteria from the area its growing in with aspecific dose given the doctorand the amount of medication given for a certain period of time. The antibioticgiven prohibits the growth of the bacteriaor microganism. start from scratch[clears the canvas] Antibiotics are prescribedby your doctor for a certainamount of time to kill off thebacteria you have growingdepending on how sick you areAntibiotics goes and prohibts the bacteriafrom growing and spreading whilealso killing it off. TEXT Superbugs start off asbasic infections or bacteriawhich is treated, but notfully enough to get rid of every bit. This then caused the bacteriato learn how to fight off the antibioticnext time its used and get even biggerand stronger than it was before. Antibioticsnot used or taken properly or at the lengthyou doctor has given, can result into a super bug The first type of antibiotic that was made was penicillin and it was discovered byAlexander Fleming. He was preformingand experimenting with another experimentand then he accidentally found penicillinwhere no bacteria would be or grow around. The public can properly taketheir full amount of antibiotics given and get rid of every single bacteria. They shouldntjust assume they feel better to stop taking thembefore the last pill has disappeared. Alsomaintain a good hygiene. Washing your hands. Not taking these drugs of antibiotics properly canresults the end of them because they become uselessand bigger and stronger bacteria return.
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