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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Get Your Feet Off the Ground Embodying Entreprenuership Lauren Goralnick How to use everything you have to become an entrepreneur Look Around, Look Ahead Follow your Heart Reach out to others Go with your Gut Entrepreneurs need a network of people to make theirventures come to fruition. Tip 1: Find someone who believes in your idea asmuch as you and work together.Tip 2: Use your network of people to bounce ideas off of. Friends and family can be great problem solvers.Tip 3: In a business that involves commodity trading, keeping the clients and people you work with happy iskey. Without them you have nothing" - Ken MeyersTip 4: Don't be afraid go out of your comfort zone. Once you find your niche, competitive advantageand business plan, go with your gut. Do you wantto stay on board? Do you want to sell? You must know what your end goal is. Jared Goralnick, creator of AwayFind regrets not selling his technology company earlier. "Technology moves fast, a ground breaking idea can becomeobsolete. Seize your opportunity while you can."Craig Geller, creator of Couwalla sell is looking to sell his company to the right buyer and Ken Meyers of MCT Daries has had offers in the past to sell but wants to stay in the game longer. Findingthe right time to sell and make other decisions can make or breakyour venture. Use your network of people for funding. Investors are key to get your business running.Make sure you have a solid financial plan for investment returns and guarantees. Using prior businessconnections can help with funding immensley. "Its who you know"- Craig Geller Choose to do something you really want to do. Your time,money, and resources will go into your venture. Are youpassionate about this idea? "I traveled to India to develop my app in 2010."- Geller. Venturesthat are worth working on will take a lot of resources, time and patients. Entrepreneurs have a chance to be their own boss, why not do something you like?"Being your own boss isn't always hasgreat as it sounds. You are the one whoassumes all the risk. I have people depending on me for their livelihood and I have to depend on myself for my own"- Ken Meyers double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Has anyone beat you to the punch? In other words, hasyour idea been implemented by someone else? If not, seewhat you can do to start your venture.It is interesting to try to "fill a need that noone knew they needed"- Goralnick"Your idea doesn't necessarily have to be revolutionary,the important part is its potential to make a profit." -Meyers Jared GoralnickAwayFind Craig GellerCouwalla Ken Meyers MCT Daries Get the Word Out Talk about your venture. "Promote your venture. You are your own advocate."- Jared Goralnick "There are so many tools one can use to market your venture. Find your target and then cater the marketing strategy towards them."-GellerThe more people that know about your venture, the faster itwill spread. Do not underestimate the power of word of mouth.Seek out creative ways to reach your target audience. Think of an idea
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