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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BST Semester 1 Atlanta, Florida, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh, SAV/JAX Avg. Quiz Score Avg. Attendance Why BST? Atlanta SAV/JAX Raleigh Nashville Charlotte 34 5 Raleigh The BST theme is Adarsh: Now & Forever. We want the balaks to become ideal sevaks of Swamishri so they can become ideal satsangis at the mandir, home and school Atlanta SAV/JAX Florida Charlotte Nashville BST Pledge Attends all BST sessions and is always on time to his classes and activities.Is on his best behavior (does not fool around, respects karyakars, does not fight).Keeps his binder organized, comes prepared and participates in all the sessions.Finishes all of his homework with perfection and asks any questions if he needs help.Follows all his niyam-dharma and inspires others to do so too!Studys hard in school and gets amazing grades.Attends all his local bal mandal activities and excels in the classes.Becomes a leader and acts like a role model for all the other balaks (good sportsmanship, does all types of seva, respects everyone).Has a great attitude and is always optimistic!Has one goal in mind: become adarsh now and forever! 16 72 An Adarsh Balak... 90 70 77 81 7 80 67 BAPS Swaminarayan SansthaInspirer: Pramukh Swami Maharaj Regional Average Atlanta Albany Birmingham Chattanooga Perry Florida Tampa Orlando Miami 4 6 3 3 15 9 Jacksonville Savannah Knoxville Nashville Charlotte Orangeburg Columbia 9 4 8 5 1 1 7 4 5 5 1
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